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Why Biab Strengthening Gel overlay is our most popular

Biab overlay is the most loved service and turns out over half of our clients have biab on their nails .

It doesn’t dry the natural nails out: yes you read it well . This is the first nail product is designed for building up chipped natural nail corners , extend nails and strengthening the weak , brittle and thin natural nails . The very first nail product just works magic . We love using biab to reconstruct badly bitten nails and the transformation is amazing !!!!

It is flexible rubber like texture to follow the moves of the natural nails but tough enough to avoid from bending much .

The result : your nails lasting 3-4 weeks

Maintenance boom for infill and any design your want over the top

As it is not designed to soak off when it comes to your fresh set appointment , your natural nails do not suffer from the side effect of soaking in acetone and buffing the their surface making them more brittle and thin.

(Oh yeah ! we all know that! scraping with a tool , soaking in acetone , my natural nails feel weak and brittle after a time etc )

Well not anymore…

if you ever feel gel polish not lasting long enough , your nails are still chipping and not happy overlay biab strengthening gel overlay could be your best solution for long lasting beautiful and healthy nails!

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