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Toenail and feet why we love to get our feet done

As better weather is here we are more inclined to socialise therefore we are more likely to out our feet on show.

Ohh and I almost forgot to mention! we can finally book our holidays to visit countries with more blessed weather! Sandal weather …

It is time to consider to get your feet done for many reasons:

You do not have to deal with emergency painting the toes with nail varnish quickly before a night out . You do not have to hide your feet when it turns nice and you are out for brunch .

Even if you don’t put your toes or feet on show it feels so nice after a shower before putting socks on just to feel how smooth the skin on the heels are and the toes are dressed with a nice colour! Having the feet and toes done defo feels and looks nice when putting your pyjamas on and watching tv, walk about in the house , looking down in the shower and see “ aww I have nice toes !”

I personally love to get my feet pampered!

I sometimes appreciate the process more than the result. It just feels so good to sit down in a nice comfy chair and have others to pamper me.

Gel polish pedicure makes your toes look nice .

Express spa pedi with gel polish is a real pamper which includes foot massage .

The full pedi is perfect if you want to get the hard and thick skin tackled using skin softener spray and a gentle foot file .

We recommend to have your toes done every 6-8 weeks . If your toenails grow long you can carefully cut them shorter in between appointments. In terms of full pedicure the skin cell turn over is about 4-6 weeks . This is the length of time the new skin cells form and emerge to the surface in cases it turns hard and dries out casing cracking of the skin . Using foot cream and appropriate home care routine can help to reduce the dry skin building up on the feet .

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