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How long your nails should be with gel product?

We call it as an optimal length before nails start to break or suffer from accidents.

We divide up the nails to 3 equal parts when we look at from the top view.

1/3 away from the cuticle is the apex (highest point of the nail, this is the area where the shock is absorbed as you use your nails )

2/3 the body of the nail

3/3 free edge area . Our best advice is when you are in the salon the free edge of your nails should not be longer than the 3rd of the full size of your nails .

I know it sounds too scientific but next time when you are in the salon we can explain.

In the following weeks after your appointment your nails grow and the free edge will be the same length or size as the nail surface seats on the nail beds . If you have gel polish or biab on your nails regardless how good quality your natural nails are underneath the nails will be prone to break , crack etc . This is when we say your nails are too long

and you feel you need to be more careful with your nails .

Well if you would like to keep the length but not putting up with the possible accidents or with being super careful with your nails we have the solution for you ! All you need to do is to switch to biab plus hard gel combo . We still use a thin layer of base gel (biab to protect the natural nails and to avoid from drying out ) and we add a layer of hard gel which designed for long nail extensions. Your nails will be tough as acrylics but with the benefits of the gel nail products.

Your maintenance appointment should be between 3-4 weeks but not longer than 5 weeks.

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