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Benefits of gel nails

Gel products seem to be less drying to the natural nail plates . It suits to those with brittle and thin nails . If preparation has done correctly the gel products grow together with natural nails , acting as a protective layer on the nails

Various gel products are available for different purpose. Different base has different strength. We suggest to adjust the base depending on the quality of nails , length and lifestyle.

Gel polish -for gel polish manicure

Builder in The Bottle (BIAB) soft builder gel- for overlay on natural nails

This product is perfect if you think gel polish is not lasting at least for 3 weeks on your nails

Hard Sculpting Gel to replace acrylic extension with something suits to weak , brittle and thin nails. We use hard gel as overly or to extend the nails .

We suggest to switch to hard gel if BIAB is not lasting at least for 3-4 weeks on your nails .

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