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Benefits of biab nails

How this revolutionary soft builder gel changed completely the way we want our nails done !

Biab ( stands for Builder in The Bottle )

came out a few years ago not knowing how much it will change the way we want our nails done.

It gives us an extra option between gel polish and acrylic nails . When gel polish is not strong enough but not so keen of acrylic nails Biab is the best option.

It is designed to act as a protective layer and allowing the natural nails to grow .

It is soft enough to be flexible to make it feel natural but strong enough so nails do not chip or break easily . It requires 3-4 weeks maintenance.

Makes your nails feel and look natural which is so in fashion now . The product bonds together with the natural nails perfectly . We noticed that the narural nails are healthy and strong when we soak the gel off . We use biab for natural nail overlay and for nail extensions.

We also use the product to help to recover bitten nails .

So many nice benefits we are not surprised that most of our regular clients have biab nails.

We personally are so in love with the product that we have our nails covered with biab too 😉. The only product helps to keep our nails nice while busy .

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