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Easy steps to follow for healthy nails and soft skin

These easy steps can help you having nice nails and soft skin even though you are not a regular at any nail salon

1. The real beauty comes from within!

Improve your diet with food promotes growing natural nails healthier and stronger. Natural nails and hair made of the same protein called keratin. To produce healthy keratin cells the body requires protein.

-High protein food like meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, salmon

-High protein plant foods like soy, beans, seeds, nuts

2. Food supplements

You can find food supplements in almost every supermarket, chemists and shops selling beauty products. There are many types designed to support healthy nails and hair. These supplements packed with minerals and vitamins to give a good boost for healthy keratin cell production . Follow the instructions enclosed before taking. If you are taking certain medications it is worth to consult with your GP or Specialists to confirm the supplement doesn't interfere with your regular medication.

3 Moisturize!

Use hand cream and cuticle oil regularly.

Hand cream twice a day and cuticle oil at least once a day before bed time

Use the cuticle oil first rubbing in the skin and nail plate, allow time to absorb and apply hand cream.

The best hand cream doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy, packed with natural essential oils, absorbed quickly and makes your skin feel soft.

The best cuticle oil is natural possible organic oil based.

4 Reduce the use of alcoholic gel.

Due to current situation it is difficult to avoid or reduce using alcoholic hand sanitizer gel. The best solution is to find something more gentle to your skin like instant hand wash liquid or biodegradable hand wipes.

5 washing hands too often.

Soap can have drying effect on skin. Washing hands with warm water and soap still the better option than using alcoholic hand gels. When washing hands too often make sure hands and nails are thoroughly dried with paper or textile towel. Once hands are dried apply hand moisturizer.

6 Regular home manicure

Keep your natural nails in a manageable length and shape to avoid chipping, breaking or peeling.

Use nail clippers and natural nail files filing your nails in one direction. Cut away any hangnail with cuticle skin nipper.

You can apply your favorite nail varnish but using base coat is a must! It prevents the nail plate turning yellow from the pigments in the nail polish. Wait until drys and apply cuticle oil and hand cream.

7 Try to stop biting your nails

It is a nervous habit which requires loads of strength to stop. It acts as part of subconscious soothing mechanism in the brain . Many times when we feel stressed we don't even realize we are biting our nails. Pay attention and try to stop.

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